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Spa and rehab after your operation

You'll certainly need to relax after your operation. So Sit back because Kyiv has it all. Options include hippotherapy, traditional saunas and spa visits. Our network of health and wellness professionals have been carefully selected to ensure your comfort and replenishment.


Golden domes

Kiev is a historical gem - bursting with culture. The beautiful golden-dome churches are a hallmark of the city, and stand side-by-side with new buildings that are symbolic of a modern, forward-looking Ukraine. With a range of guided tours available we can make sure that you’ll absorb the best the city has to offer.


Theatre and ballet

iev enjoys a history and culture that very few European cities can match. With over 50 theatres in Kiev, the city boasts a proud tradition of world-class performances.. From opera to ballet, to more contemporary shows, culture-buffs will love the city’s inexpensive entertainment. 


Shopping in Kiev

In between your appointments - you can buy absolutely anything you want in Kiev.

With Soviet-era austerity a thing of the past, the city is now packed with the world's top shops and brands and offers better value than almost anywhere else in Europe.

Concentrated in the heart of the city, Kiev has everything from huge shopping centers offering an incredible selection of goods to beatuiful boutique and artisanal shops. Whatever you’re looking for - Kiev is truly a shopper's paradise. 

One of Europe’s Greenest Capitals

he third-greenest capital city in Europe, in Kiev you are always just a stones-throw away from colourful flowers or the beautiful chestnut trees that adorn the city’s flags.

The Dnipro river is literally lined with greenery - and since the first park was built here in 1631, the city hasn’t stopped building them. Particularly beautiful in summer and autumn - Kiev’s parks are part of what makes the city so special.


Kiev at night

With a vibrant nightlife scene, Kiev has an abundance of bars and clubs spread across the city and is renowned for being home to some of the most beautiful women in the world.

If you want to have some of the best nights of your life – we’ll take you on a roller coaster of lounges, high-end restaurants, loud clubs and parties.

World Class food

Kiev has a world-renowned culinary scene with everything from exquisite high-end restaurants to delicious street food.
There are also several quality kosher restaurants including a world class grill as well as a falafel restaurant.

Ukrainian people are traditionally hospitable, friendly and keen to embrace western standards of quality and service.

In general you will be surprised by the standard of food, variety of dishes and value for money. Ukraine is blessed with fertile black soil (Chernozem) and an advantageous climate perfect for producing a wide variety of good quality crops, fruits and vegetables. Most good restaurants have air conditioning but during the warmer months it is traditional for Ukrainians to dine al fresco.

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