World class jaw restorations 


and enjoy warranty coverage at your local UK dentist and a free holiday abroad 

Who are we?

TravaDental is a full-service medical tour provider with a mission to make healthcare more accessible.

We knew that we loved our destinations as tourists, and we noticed that dental care was of a quality that is unparalleled. The problem for patients was that finding the right doctor and navigating all the steps of a treatment abroad can be a difficult and confusing process.

We spent hundreds of hours researching and planning, carefully vetting and assessing dozens of dental clinics, hotels, apartments and travel options to create a seamless dental tour package.
Our goal was to create an experience such that patients can take advantage of the highest quality dental treatments abroad, make savings, and safely and comfortably enjoy some undiscovered tourist gems.

With our service - you can rest assured that everything is taken care of. From getting your scans at home, liaising with our clinic to create a personal treatment plan, flights, hotels, airport transfers and after-care - we deal with it all for you - in one all-inclusive price.

What's more you get to enjoy the sights, sounds and shops of a beautiful city - all for less than you would spend at home.

Why TravaDental?


Reliability and peace of mind

When you choose to have dental treatment abroad – you want to rest assured you are getting quality.

Unlike many other providers you might find online – we are not a dental surgery ourselves – and therefore have no allegiance to any particular practice or clinic.

What this means for you is we are free to rigorously select our clinics based on their experience, the results of their work, their accreditation and the calibre of their facilities and equipment. You can therefore rest assured that you are getting only the best treatment.

Furthermore, TravaDental - based in London - offers all the reliability and assurance that comes with dealing with a UK, English-speaking company. 


The world's best implants at the lowest prices

Aside from the fact that implant manufacturers price their implants at much lower amounts in our destination countries, our partner clinics are some of the largest purchasers of Straumann implants in the world - meaning we have the purchasing power to pass on the savings to you.


The best trained dentists

We've already done the quality control for you having spent many months identifying the best dentists in our destinations and negotiating great prices on your behalf.

All our dental surgeons have trained in the US or Europe and regularly attend the latest training seminars so provide the same high standards and well-known brands that you would expect at home
What’s more, all our dental clinics are equipped to the highest standards, using the latest technology to enhance your dental procedure and ensure you are getting only the very best in dental surgery.



Anyone who needs them knows that the cost of dental implants can be an obstacle for many patients.

At TravaDental we offer substantial savings on dental implant procedures – including travel and accommodation – all without compromising on the high quality you expect

How it works

TravaDental make travelling abroad for your dental treatment easy. Not only do we make sure you only get treated by the best dentist in Europe, but we take care of your entire trip from the beginning to the end.

Pre-travel diagnostics

You have a pre-travel diagnostic with one of our local partner imaging centres.

You'll have a dental cone beam CT scan, which is uses a special type of technology to generate 3D images of you dental structures, soft tissues, nerve paths and bone -all in a single scan.

Images obtained with cone beam CT technology allows for highly precise treatment planning by dentists - without them even needing to see you in person.


We arrange your flights and accommodation and you fly to your overseas implant specialist.

Dental implant surgery

Your implantologist extracts your old teeth - if you've got any- and inserts your new implants. At the same time your fixed gorgeous full bridge of teeth will be manufactured according to the shape and colour of your choice.

Shopping and site-seeing

After having saved thousands of pounds, you can enjoy shopping, quality restaurants and site seeing in some of the best value for money cities in Europe.

Fly home

Once your treatment plan has concluded successfully, you fly home. By this point, you'll have a beautiful smile and you'll be able to eat and speak normally.


Every implantologist in the world knows how to work with and sevice Straumann implants, as opposed to lesser known economical implants that other dentists often uselt by default.

Straumann implants are not only considered to be one of the best in the world, they also come with an international lifetime warranty. For every implant, you'll receive an official Straumann certificate embedded with a secure serial number. This allows any dentist in future to immediately know what implant model number each of your implants has. They'll easily be able to service them as well as make warranty claims in the unlikely event that they fail.

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Only the best clinics in Europe

Our dental surgeons perform hundreds of implants operations every year and our clinics are all fitted with the latest in medical technology.

Treatment plans

Here are some examples of what's included in our treatment plans.

Single implants

  • x1 Straumann/Nobel Biocare Implant
  • x1 zirconia crown
  • Treatment only,
  • After care visit in the UK

Full jaw restoration
All-on-4/6/8 Ⓡ
by Straumann implants

  • Pre-travel diagnostics (cone beam CT scan)
  • x4/6/8 Straumann/Nobel Biocare implants
  • Bridge of 10-12 pure zirconia crowns
  •  Special meals that suitable for post implant patients
  • Flights and transfers between airport, hotel and dental clinic.
  • A personal British guide and translator
  • Accomodation for 2 persons.
  • After-care visit in the UK

Payment Systems

  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • American Express
  • Diners Club
  • Discover

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TravaDental is a trading name of Lateral Enterprises Ltd.
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