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Save 50%
on a full implant based jaw restoration

American dentists. Overseas.

How it works

TRAVADENTAL makes travelling abroad for your dental treatment easy.

Pre-travel diagnostics

You have a pre-travel diagnostic with one of our local partner dentists.


We arrange your flights and accommodation and you fly to your overseas implant specialist.

Dental implant treatment

Your implantologist extracts your old teeth (if you've got any) and inserts your new implants. Your fixed gorgeous full bridge of teeth will be manufactured during this time according to the shape and colour of your choice.

All this is done in conjunction with your referring practitioner at home.

Return home

Once your treatment plan has concluded successfully, you fly home. By this point, you'll have a beautiful smile and you'll be able to eat and speak normally.


Here are some examples of our all-inclusive packages

Single Implants

£ 600 /implant
  • You provide us with your existing CT scans
  • MIS (Israel) implants
  • 4 Metalo-ceramic crowns 
  • One or two visits
  • 1 after-care visit at local or overseas dentists

implant-supported bridge

£  5,800 /jaw
  • 1 pre-travel diagnostics session
  • 4 MIS (Israel) implants
  • 4 Metalo-ceramic crowns 
  • One or two visits
  • Full reinbursement of flights and hotel 
  • 1 after-care visit at local or overseas dentists

Premium Plus

£ 6,950 /per jaw
  • 1 pre-travel diagnostics session
  • 4 Straumann or Nobel Biocare (Swiss) implants
  • 1 temporary fixed bridge
  • 1 permanent fixed bridge
  • One or two visits
  • Full reinbursement of flights and hotel
  • 1 after-care visit at local dentists

Swiss 5-day
implant-supported bridge

£ 6,250 /jaw
  • 1 pre-travel diagnostics session
  • 8 IHDE (Swiss) Implants
  • 1 permanent fixed bridge
  • Only one visit
  • Full reinbursement of flights and hotel
  • 1 after-care visit at local or overseas dentists

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State of the art clinics

Our ultra-modern clinics are equipped to the highest standards.

Full reinbursement of flights and hotels

We organise every facet of your air travel, including flights, hotels and luxury transfers.

What our patients say about us

“The clinics in Kiev are beautiful and better than many in the UK! Both the dentists and staff were happy to help and made me feel comfortable throughout the procedure.”

Helen G
Cornwall, England

I strongly recommend TravaDental to everyone who only wants the best in dental implants.

Linda R
Givataiim, Israel

“I was sceptical at first about having implants done anywhere other than the US . However, TravaDental made the entire procedure very easy and made sure that I kosher food throughout my stay. The clinics were high-tech and modern, and the dentists very professional.”

Ari S
New Jersey, United States of America


Understandably you may be wondering why our dental packages are so much cheaper than in the US.

Despite the fact that our clinics are state-of-the-art – using only the latest techniques and high-end brands, and our American-trained dental teams are of the caliber you expect at home – we can still pass on up to 60% savings to you.

This is primarily because the operating costs and labor costs in Eastern Europe are substantially lower those at home. As with many things in Europe, you can take advantage of the significant difference in purchasing power: ultimately one of the primary reasons dental treatment is cheaper in Europe is the same reason that food, travel and everything – even identical products and services - are cheaper abroad.

With TravaDental you can take advantage of these price differences safely and easily – with everything taken care of - from pre-diagnostics, travel, food, transfers and follow up care – all with the reliability and assurance that you are dealing with a Western, English speaking company.

With our clinics - both local and overseas based - you are getting quite literally the same service as you would in the US or the UK. Our American-qualified dentists offer the same high standards and well-known brands that you would expect at home.

The key differences can be summed up as follows: 

- Swiss 5 Day: IHDE, a swiss firm, make the 5 Day Implants. With this plan you'll have permanent teeth in 5 days.

All-on-4 are based on implants made by established brands such as Straumann and Nobel Biocare. But you'll only get your fixed bridge in 4-6 months and this may require you to travel overseas twice.

Click here to see our comparison table.

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